Carrie N Ballard

Carrie is great with words and fun to work with! She is able to understand and articulate your intentions.

About me
I am American by origin, live in The Hague in the Netherlands, and am a freelance copy editor and copywriter. I work with writers, publishers, app developers, startups, and translators. Before this, I cofounded an online English service for business managers, and before that, I was in the Logistics industry in Europe and the USA. I have moved around a lot.

What do I do? I help people write in English.
How? I copyedit / proofread / correct / pimp up (definitions vary) texts in English. If you write something in English or you have a translation into English that you want to be sure is correct and/or sounds “native,”I can help. I am careful with manuscripts, verifying the rules for grammar, punctuation, quotation marks, capitalization, and spelling to make sure they are correct.

So you can be sure it’s right.
I also write content for apps (onboarding, screen texts, calls to action, community stuff, etc.) and help professionals tell their stories in LinkedIn summaries, or in articles, blog posts, and interviews. Publisher inquiries are welcome. I work with non-fiction and academic manuscripts and will continue to do that. In addition, I have a goal – to copyedit a novel or autobiography this year. Please get in touch with me for advice or ideas for anything professional and/or fun in English. Your contact will be welcome and I will respond promptly.